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Do you know someone who is always looking out for you, who can connect you to the Internet at any time, and who makes their own check-up appointments? Someone who has the answer to any question, who takes your office wherever you go, and who is never further away than your smartphone? Someone of many talents who always knows the quickest route to take, and who always has the right song for any mood? No? We do.

Thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive

The innovative BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps are your useful companions in everyday life and beyond. How you use them is up to you. At the end of the day, you can rely on BMW ConnectedDrive.


There’s a new shadow being cast and it’s the BMW 1 Series Shadow Edition. This model is packed with attitude featuring darkened head and tail lights, and kidney grille. With the inclusion of M Sport pack as standard, the BMW 1 Series Shadow Edition oozes athletic character and promises a dynamic driving experience.